Hydrotherapy sessions treatment Brisbane


Discover the benefits of water

Hydrotherapy, in our case also known as aquatic physiotherapy, is a therapeutic approach that utilises water to promote movement and exercise. It is broadly recognised as an excellent modality for a range of injuries and conditions.

PhysioFIX offers hydrotherapy sessions at Mount Gravatt East Swimming Pool tailored to meet your specific needs. Nick takes the majority of these sessions and has done so for over five years now.

These are one-on-one exercise sessions in the pool.
Conditions such as lower back pain and knee osteoarthritis tend to benefit from hydrotherapy, but it can be an effective modality for a range of injuries and is particularly relevant for patients with work-related injuries and NDIS participants.
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Benefits of hydrotherapy:

  1. Decreased weight-bearing: Buoyancy reduces the effect of gravity and in turn the forces applied to various joints by up to 80%.
  2. Heat: A gently heated pool can be surprisingly therapeutic!
  3. Increased range of motion: Many patients will find their ability to move greatly increased in the water.
  4. Different proprioceptive and balance challenges: Maintaining your balance in the pool is quite different to dry land! These can be useful challenges for rehabilitating various injuries.
  5. Different resistance: Walking through water is quite different to walking through air! This resistance, coupled with equipment where relevant, allows strength exercises to be performed for various muscles.


So why not come on in and give it a try?

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